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      Welcome to visit Ruijiu Electrical   
      Yancheng Ruijiu Electrical Technology Co., Ltd.
      Located in Yancheng of Jiangsu province, Yancheng Ruijiu Electromechanical Technology Co., Ltd. mainly offers you all kinds of electromechanical equipments such as Industrial remote control, remote control of crown block, remote control of travelling crane, Crane remote control, Accessories of remote control; Floor pager, calling system; small hoisting machine, Lifting Machine for architectural decoration and finishing, Fitting of Hoisting Machine and so on. 
      We sell all kinds of Industrial remote control systems, including TELECRANE, SAGA, ALPHA, Hannuowei, Rike, and Jiekong Industrial remote controls; moreover, we also provide programming, maintenance and maintenance service for all kinds of Industrial wireless remote controls, crane remote controls and remote controls of crown block. You can receive excellent service in good price. 
      We also sell shells of Industrial remote control, Antenna, scram button, key button, rotary switch, start switch, key accessories, magnetic switch, key, transformer, crystal oscillator, main board, launch board, waterproof?cases, protective sleeve?programming software, programming cable, copy machine, shock absorption seat, rocker, key switch, straps, emitter shell and receiver shell, etc. 
      Our remote controls can be used in Hoisting Machinery, engineering Machinery, construction Machinery, loading/unloading machine, lift, truck crane, hoist equipment, lift platform, hydraulic pneumatic equipment, fire fighting equipment, construction of railway, bridge and tunnel; or places than can not be controlled manually or controlled by wire control device. Our remote controls can increase the security and reliability of equipment, improve working surrounding, lower labor intensity and improve work efficiency. 
      We also sell floor calling system: through installing wireless pager (transmitter) in each of floor, we send pager signal by wireless device into the host receiver in cage, and then host receiver display the floor number of calling by Nixie tube or voice broadcast. The control distance is 200 meters, can be used in Construction elevator, and goods elevator of Construction. 
      Our Hoisting Machinery include: Feiwanda 100-1000kg small crane, portable lifting machine, fittings of small crane, Fitting of Hoisting Machine, micro electric hoist and electric chain hoist.
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